Rooftop Solar Panels Installation Arizona

Rooftop Solar Panels Arizona

With 299 days of sunshine every year, Arizona is one of the best locations to harness solar energy. Consumers here have to grapple with a relatively high cost of electricity (about 12 cents per kilowatt-hour). Despite the potential for clean and more affordable solar...

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Soalr Installation Arizona

Arizona Solar Installers

Despite Arizona boasting abundant renewable energy resources, high cost of energy is a major concern for residential, commercial and industrial consumers. Traditional energy sources including natural gas, nuclear power, and coal still account for much of the state’s utility-scale net generation. Renewable energy, including...

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Solar for home

Solar Panels for 2500 sqft Home

A solar-powered home in Arizona is cheaper to run and you will reduce your carbon footprint while at it. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about frustrating power disruptions due to an unreliable grid system. But while solar panels translate to cost benefits...

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Solar panel working

How do Solar Panels work?

Solar panels are devices used to absorb and turn the sun’s rays into electricity. The solar panels work by absorbing sunlight with solar cells, that generate direct current (DC). Solar cells are defined as a device through which individuals can create usable electricity by...

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Qualify for solar

How to Qualify for Solar Panels

If you’re a homeowner in Arizona, installing solar panels to power your home is a smart decision. The Grand Canyon State enjoys months of sunshine every year, making it easy and more affordable to harness this natural energy source. While solar systems’ costs have...

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Arizona Solar Tax Credits

Arizona Solar Tax Credit

Arizona is a land of sunshine with about 299 sunny days every year. This makes the Grand Canyon State a perfect location to harness the immense power of the sun for electricity. It is one of the many renewable energy resources which have made...

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Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuelx

Advantages of Solar Energy over Fossil Fuels

Solar is a power source that can be used without releasing greenhouse gases or other harmful by-products. Solar energy is the most reliablesource of clean and renewable energy. We can use this energy directly for heating water, lighting, even cooling, and many other things....

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